Happy Saturday


There is something to be said for waking up in an old house slightly chilled and looking out at the new fallen snow.  As I sit here curled up in a throw blanket, there is nothing cozier to me as I pick up my hand warming coffee mug and sip as the steam billows up while I gaze out of my window.



I love where I live, and though it is not always easy, our life consistency is so simple, we live an old fashioned life, IMG_8260and as I look out my back porch window where so many times there are many deer grazing,  I find myself being surprisingly content.

It is here where I can reflect from life’s arrows of turmoil, where I always know this is my own oasis, until of course everyone else in the house arises and the chaos of the day takes over…… But until then I will sip my coffee and take it all in.  Seize your opportunity and take just a moment to enjoy and reflect on God’s majesty.  Happy Saturday!


How ‘Bout Some Southern Fried?

Who doesn’t like some Fried Chicken?  One of my all time fav’s !  My kids love when I make this!


This obviously is not light cooking, but once in a while, it is sooooo good! I have included video for step by step which also consists of making  your own buttermilk and some mashed potatoes as well! Click below and get started!





From my kitchen to yours… click on the cooking page  for the rest of the videos and have some fried chicken tonight, I guarantee it will be Yumalicious!



A Cozy Snowball

IMG_7699I love to make something out of nothing, and so I used this material to make a beautiful Snowball baby quilt for my niece.

Each project I make is completely one of a kind. Even though there are no bells or whistles that go off,   there is an inner excitement when the people I love most receive one of my handmade creations. IMG_8373    Knowing that each stitch was sewn by hand, and each shape was specifically placed, makes what I create so much more than a blanket.


 This 31”X50” quilt was completely hand sewn and the backer was created completely off the cuff.  Click on my Hand Sewn Projects to see the step by step instructions in putting this quilt together.  I hope you are inspired!IMG_8353

BRRRRRRR It’s Cold Outside!

Why don’t you try to warm your bones with some Homemade Chicken Minestrone for dinner tonight!


This is as simple as any pot luck.

Growing up meagerly my father was the guru of pot luck.  He always used to say, “Throw what you can in a pot and hope you get lucky!”  The majority of my cooking is done this way.  Most things I make are never the same.  I adjust my ingredients according to what I have in the pantry or the frig which has never been a disappointment to my family.  My kids tell their friends “My Mom cooks so good it’s like having a personal chef for free!”, and at dinner time I always here the same thing “Hey Mom what is this, it’s awesome!”  My response is always, “pot luck number…”

But this blog is giving me a venue to not only share with you the way I live my simple life but forcing me to name my concoctions!  And so pot luck number….. Is now Chicken Minestrone!IMG_8328


Take a click over to Cooking and grab the recipe; you won’t be disappointed neither will your family, Yumalicious!



Live Long, Laugh Much!

I look out the window as the snow falls on my 1880 farmhouse and surrounding fields, while I sit here on my computer thinking what to blog about.  My lifetime dream of becoming an English Teacher is again placed on hold for financial reasons.  And though this decision was needed it doesn’t, by any means, make it easy.  I have been mourning a dream I was so close to getting and the reality was almost unbearable.  I do not know if any of you can relate to having something so close in your grasp, but yet be so far out of reach, but for me I have felt like a failure.  Now I am not saying this for everyone to have a pity party for me nor am I having a pity party for myself (not anymore anyway).  I want you to be aware of the fact that change , at first glimpse feels negative, but with a change in mindset can be seen as positive. When we find the door slamming in our face, it is our job or rather our duty, to turn around  and find another door to open. Something I have forgotten is that everything is just for a season, nothing is forever. In other words, without change we do not learn, if we are not learning than we are not growing.  This is something I have forgotten when I was in the thick of what I thought was damage to my spirit.  What I also failed to remember was my life motto:  “Live long, laugh much”!

Since then, I have begun the job search process, back into the professional field.  I have actually been working with a professional business analyst preparing a new resume and using technological devices to market myself.  So as I continue the job search process, a dear friend has been encouraging me to share my ideas and the way in which I live my life.  This has been extremely daunting.  I honestly did not where to begin, I mean, I never read any blogs before, nor uploaded videos, took step by step pictures during my current projects then type out descriptions of the process. Add to that the development of thinking up posts in order to have my readers engaged; I truly was not aware how many countless hours this would all take!  So here I am slowly creating this venue to not only fill my time but perhaps encourage you to make the most out of your time.

So today is a new day with some beautifully fallen snow!  I am just about done with one of the baby quilts I am making, so keep a lookout for that posting under hand sewn projects later in the week.  I am also preparing to add a new page on my blog of home decorating ideas.  Remember I live in an old farmhouse and I live a simple life, so expect ideas along those lines.  I am just a country girl living a country life and raising my kids the old fashion way.

Maybe this venue will additionally provide you an opportunity to share yourself with us!

Please feel free to add a post about what you have going on in your life, or maybe a desperately needed soap box to share your views.  I want this to be your blog as much as it is mine.  I will continue to do my best to create ideas in all venues of my life that can give you ideas, and encourage you.  So for today…  seize your opportunities!


So far today I have continued sewing a baby quilt I have been working on for another one of my nieces who just had boy and girl twins.  I am hoping to have this done by tonight or tomorrow really pushing for tonight since I have to get going on quilt number two.  In between working on this and housework I have had a heck of a time uploading some videos for my first post in cooking.

I truly cannot believe how long this takes!  They is a total of 3 parts to this series of videos and Part 1 and Part 3 uploaded in…Wait for it…a whopping 4.5 hours!  I mean what the heck?  We can download in a jiffy, but uploading omg!  I have tried a total of 3 times (on my 4th time now)   to upload part 2 and it kept telling me my upload was too large.  I kept thinking why isn’t it allowing me? I have seen many videos over an hour on youtube, what is keeping me form uploading this damn thing?  And then…..I read the directions. Lol on the bottom of the screen I see a prompt “if you need to exceed the 15 minute limit press here”.  This prompted me to input my cell number, they sent me a confirmation code, I inputted it and poof! Let’s hope this works!  I am looking forward to getting your comments on my first ever cooking video!  Be warned it is me through and through, and every time you hear me talk about not following directions…don’t say it! 😉

Thought of the Day

I would like to welcome you to the Simple Life!  My name is Janet and under some great advice from a great friend, I have decided to  begin this blog to share how I live my life.

I believe in a traditional way of life that I think everyone has seemed to have forgotten.  Now before you go and huff and puff my sails, I really just wanted to create  a forum where I could share  some of the things I do like cooking and sewing.  I also wanted a place to share my ideas and views that could possibly help someone get back to basics.  Obviously I do not live in the stone ages, but I do think that our society is to focused on a “what’s in it for me?” mentality.

Think about it, how many of you right now have a Black North Face Jacket, or a pair of UGG Boots, or a $200 pair of Beats?  I mean are you kidding me?  200 bucks for a pair of headphones? That’s almost a car payment Folks!  It is really that important for you to wear your social status for everyone to see?  Or rather the illusion of a status?  Completely ridiculous!  So what do you think?  Is it important for you to fit in and be like everyone else, and if so why?


Simple Life

You my never have another chance like this one..Seize it!

A Work In Progress

You my never have another chance like this one..Seize it!